Music Archive

Stop Illegal Music Downloading!


1. The main purpose of the private music archive owned by the company 1000WTH is

    to eliminate the illegal music downloading around the world.

2. We fully respect the copyrights owner’s rights.

3. Our objective is to make sure that the author’s, musicians, song writers and all other copyrights

    owners involved will be properly paid.

4. The royalties payment general set up is currently as follows:

• In the United States: $0.091 per reproduction or downloading of a song. If it’s over

   five minutes, a formula rate kicks in. The U.S. Government sets the rate.

• Outside of the United States: There is no government-mandated rate, however,

   the royalty rate is typically 8% - 10% of the list price (varies by country).

5. Our royalties payment set up is as follows:

 16% of the end user price for music archive withdrawal

 (if the price is 5.29,-$/album the royalty is 16% of 5.29,-$)

6. We are open and ready to discuss the royalty fees individually in case the copyright owner    

    asks for it.

7. We will contact the copyright owners who are known or we believe we know and ask them to

    claim their royalties

How to claim the royalty fee?

1. Please, respond when you get contacted by us

2. Please, fill Royalty Fee Entiltment Form and contact us on

3. Please, get ready to prove you are the right person or subject entitled for royalty fee payment

Download Fee Entiltment Form here!